Air Operator Certificate (AOC)


A system of operational control based on the use or Air Operator Certificates is the most convenient way for a State to  sure that its operators comply with the requirements in the Annexes. However, at present there are no  in Annex 6, part-I concerning the certification of an Air Operator. The model regulations in Chapter-2 are based on generally accepted practices followed by most States.

The model regulations in Chapter-2 are intended to make it clear that all Commercial Air Transport Operations by Aircraft Registered in the State, or registered in another State but operated by an operator in the State under an Interchange or Lease agreement, are subject such a system.
Guidance material relating to the implementation of such a system together with guidance
Material relating to interchange  agreements between Two States when an aircraft registered in  one State is operated by an operator in the another, is contained in the ICAO Manual of procedures for operations certification and inspection (8585).

Model Regulation
An aircraft shall not fly for the purpose  commercial air transport unless the operator holds an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) which authorizes that flight.
To qualify for the issue of an Air Operator Certificate by (State) an applicant shall demonstrate that his Experience, Equipment, Organization, Staffing, Maintenance and other arrangement adequate to ensure the Safe Operation of the types of Aircraft to be included in the Certificate on such flights.
As are authorized, as well as the certificate the ability to and maintain a satisfactory method of supervision of these flight operations. Such a certificate shall be valid for the period specified in certificate.


Form No-
This Certifies that Air Somalia (Somalia)  inc.
Has met requirements of the Civil Aviation Act of Year----
Prescribed there under for the Issuance of this Certificate, and is hereby Authorized to operate Commercial---------Cargo----- Commercial Air Transportation in accordance with terms, conditions and limitations contain in the Operating Requirements.
This certificate is not Transferable  and, unless Surrounded, suspended or revoked.
Shall continue in effect  

Designated Authority

Month-------and Year---------

Date of Issuance     Month------ and Year------

On damage caused by foreign aircraft to third parties on the surface (signed at Rome, on 7 October 1952)
The State Signatory to this Convention
Moved by a desire to ensure adequate compensation for persons who suffer damage caused on the surface by foreign aircraft, while limiting in a reasonable manner the extent of the liabilities incurred for such damage in order not to hinder the development of International Civil Air Transport


Principles of Liability

Any person who suffers damage on the surface shall, upon proof only that the damage was caused by an aircraft in flight or by any person or thing falling there from, be entitled to compensation as provided by this Convention. Nevertheless there shall be no right to compensation if the damage is not a direct consequence of the incident giving rise thereto, or if the damage results from the mere fact of passage of the aircraft through the airspace in conformity with existing Air traffic Regulations.

For the purpose of this Convention, an aircraft is considered to be in flight from the moment when the power is applied for the purpose of actual take-off until the moment when the landing run ends. In the case of an aircraft lighter than Air, the expressions*in flight* relates to the period from the moment when it becomes detached from the surface until it becomes again attached thereto.

Security for Operator’s Liability

any Contracting State may require that the operator of an aircraft registered in another Contracting State shall be insured in respect of his liability for damage sustained  in its territory for which a right to compensation exists under Article 1 by means of insurance up to the limits applicable according to the provisions Article11.
The insurance shall be accepted as satisfactory if it conforms to the provisions of this Convention and has been effected by an insurer authorized to effect such insurance under the laws of the State where the aircraft is registered or of the State where in insurer has his evidence or principal place of business, and whose financial responsibility has been verified by either of those States.