International Civil Aviation Organization
Civil Aviation Care taker Authority(Annex)
    1. Establishment and Management of a Personnel Licensing Office:
    2. Introduction:
    3. Personnel licensing System
    4. Organization of personnel licensing
    5. Chief personnel licensing
    6. Technical licensing officer
    7. Chief examiner flight crew
    8. Chief flight test officer
    9. Administrative support office.
  1. Processing  a Licensing Application:
    1. use of checklist
    2. renewal regency and the maintenance of competency
    3. validation licenses by other States
    4. issuance of national licenses
    5. requirements  for issuing a license.
  1. Authority to act a Flight Crew Member:
    1. valid licenses
    2. State registry
    3. Implementation of article 83 bis

Method of Rendering a License Valid:

  • establish of validity
  • period of validity
  • extending period of validity
  • validating private pilot license (PPL).
  1. Personnel Licensing Organization:
    1. chief personnel licensing officer
    2. medical examiner
    3. chief examiner flight crew
    4. chief examiner flight test
    5. technical licensing officer
    6. administration support officer (fees/renewal.
  1. Types Licenses and Ratings Issued:
    1. flight crew
    2. pilots
    3. flight engineers
    4. flight navigator

 Other Personnel:

  • aircraft maintenance engineer
  • air traffic controller
  • flight operation officer
  • aeronautical station operator.


    1. category ratings
    2. class ratings
    3. type ratings
    4. instrument rating
    5. air traffic controller ratings.

10.       Validation of Foreign licenses/ Rating:

    1. valid according to contracting States
    2. expired with medical certification
    3. renewed with medical certificate.

11.       Medical Examiner:

    1. designated medical examiner
    2. qualified aviation medicine.

12.        Chief Flight Test Examiner:
pilot at least one of aircraft operated by major operator
responsible  for supervision and control of flight test examiner current in type.


    1. flight crew fatigue and flight time limitation:
    2. requirements for rules:
    3. Annex-6, part-I requires that an operator formulate rules limiting the flight time and flight duty periods of flight crew members. These rules shall also make provision for adequate rest periods and shall be such as to ensure that fatigue occurring either in a flight or successive flights or occulted over a period of time due to these and other risk, does not danger the safety of a flight. The rules shall be approved by the State of the operator and included in the operations manual. The annex also notes that the standard does not preclude a State from establishment  regulations specifying the limitations applicable to flight crew members.

The actual contents of these manuals will vary from operator.
1.7a policy and administration manual :
This manual should contain information:
operator’s organization;
management structure,;
Departmental responsibilities and authority/with particular reference flight operation area) information on the policies and objectives of the operator should included on the regulations of the State of the operator and on the applicable regulations, requirements of other States. The manual should contain operational policies related procedures, guidance information.
In General
Responsibility for development and issuing amendments, revision, manual rests with aircraft manufacturer, operator developed additional instructions, procedures or guidance, clarification or expansion manufacturer material.
1.7d Training Manual:
This manual should contain information on the training policy and requirement of the operator. It should contain guidance on standard of training will apply. The manual may be divided into number of sections, on general guidance, dealing with specific aeroplane. Manual should contain information on syllabi of training course: Both ground and flight: Minimum standard and experience;
Training and testing recurrent required;
Role and duties of staff for flying training, checking of testing should be included.
1.7e Aeroplane Performance Manual:
Aeroplane performance data are publiched.
In flight manual
Normally-expanded-version is published in the aircraft operating manual, also manual contains take-off/landing data for each usable, runway-destination, alternative aerodrome.

The manual contain information on the method of derivation of data.
                        Route Guide:
Route guide should contain information relating-communication facilities navigation aids, air traffic services, aerodromes normally the route guide contains required:
En-route charts,
charts aerodrome along route,
charts carried in route,
for destination  alternative  aerodrome.

1.7f Emergency Evacuation Procedure Manual:
This manual should contain information an emergency evacuation procedures. Each aeroplane type for:
both flight and cabin crew;
specific aeroplane procedures. The manual should contain general safety and survival information appropriate to the area in which operation take place.
1.7g Security manual:
This manual should contain information and procedures and legal requirement pertaining security matters. Also manual should contain information guidance on crew members’ response and authority in relation to management of acts of unlawful interference also should contain material-carriage of persons under escort. Company and State regulations on carriage of weapons on board-including in flight security officer, sky marshals. Aeroplane search procedure checklist required by annex-6, part-I.