Mohamed Mohamud Ali (Capt. Weli)
Capt. Weli
Aviation Consultant

1954-56—Orphanage college in Mogadishu- completed secondary school and technical school (industriale);
1957-58 graduated Italian aviation academy—Caserta Napoli;
1963-64 was sent training  pilot school in Soviet Union (USSR) Kirkistan obtained pilot license;
1964-67 continuing high training school of Aeroflot- Ulianosvisk;
1975- Appointed me The Somali Air force commander as commander pilot training school; the school was attended cadets from Somali student and neighboring country as Burundi student pilot;
1977- was sent for training course new aircraft Fokker-27 in Holland Amsterdam;
1980- was sent training course for airline transport pilot license in Italy-Rome;
1981- was sent training course on Boeing B-707 American airline school  Dallas;
1988- was appointed Somali airline representative as manager in Qatar-Doha;

Publication and Reference Books:
2000- Issuing pilot licensing  Airplane/Engineers licensing/ Annex  One- Book-1;
2002 Manual for certification-air operator (AOC)/airworthiness Annex-8 –
and Aircraft registration/ Aircraft insurance Book-2;
2009- Airport system management Book-3;
2009- International air transport Doc-9626;
2010- Aviation college pilot training school.