Preface of Mohamed Mohamud (Capt.Weli)
Mohamed Mohamud Capt. WeliCaptain Mohamed (Weli)
Where I begun my career in 1957 to 1958 and was graduated from Italian Aviation (Air Force Academy). Caserta –Napoli and I completed all the advanced training and courses obtain diploma specialist aircraft engine/airframe.
After completion  the above  training  and course. Way back to Somalia. The Somali Air Force commander appoint  the position of chief technical department of Somali Air Force. Was 1958 up to 1964. Again the Air Force commander send for pilot training school  in Soviet Union; The duration of the course was three years and eight month. Obtaining or graduate as captain with flew various airplanes.
Mohamed Mohamud Capt. WeliIn 1975 again was appointed me as commander pilot training school. Than in 1976 the presidential decree was transferred from Somali Air Force to Somali Airline under their request as Captain. The ground studies for technical and pilot categories is being completely to keep the subjects in line with joint airworthiness regulation (J.A.R) flight crew licensing objectives. This book covers most of the material required for general navigation and instrumentation both call knowledge of various aircraft types, registration mark, airworthiness certificate, airport revenue charge, air operator certificate, insurance company, aircraft noise certificate. The ICAO documents for standard  recommended  practices and procedures, multilateral agreement imported aircraft. Monitoring flight operation of  the national airline and conduct commercial- industrial-private and other general aviation services to ensure compliance with concerned standard and regulations.