Airworthiness (Section Six)

Means  that  aircraft. Its engines and /or propeller and other component and accessories are of proper design and construction. Are safe for air navigation purpose such design construction being consistent with accepted engineering practice in accordance with aerodynamic laws and aircraft science.

Airworthiness Responsibilities of the State:
Obligations under Convention on International Civil Aviation provides that every aircraft of a Contracting State engaged in international air navigation, shall carry a Certificate of Registration and Certificate Airworthiness.


Form  No---------                                                                      Reg No-------

1-Manufacturer and

2- Aircraft Serial No

Manufacturer’s designation


Of Aircraft type

Serial number

3- Name of owner------------ Air Somalia
4- Name of operator---------- Air Somalia
5- Address of owner---------- E-mail---- P.O. Box
6- It is hereby Certified that the above described Aircraft has been  dully entered on the register of the Republic of Somalia. In accordance with the Convention Civil aviation, dated 7th  December 1944 and with the Civil Air regulation of the republic of Somalia.

Month----------          Date---------          year-----------

Any erasure to this document renders in null and avoid.
 Designated Authority.


For No--------                                                                           Reg  No-------

1-Nationality and

2-Manufacturer and

3-Aircraft serial No

Registration marks




Designation of aircraft





4- Categories commercial----------
5- This Certificate of Airworthiness is issued to the Convention on International Civil Aviation dated 7th December 1944 and current Civil Air Regulation of this Republic, in respect of the above-mentioned Aircraft which is considered to be airworthy when maintained and operated in accordance with the foregoing and pertinent operating limitations.
The Validity of this Certificate expires.

Month----------                 Date---------                 Year--------

Date of Issue                                       Designated Authority---------

Restriction/Limitations/Radio License the above aircraft.


  1. Nationality and Registration;
  2. Aircraft type;
  3. Number and type engines
  4. Aircraft serial number;
  5. Category;
  6. Number and date of issue of the Noise Certificate for above type of aircraft;
  7. This is to certified that the above aircraft complies with requirements specified in chapter-2 of International Standards and Recommended Practices (SARP) ‘’ Environment protection’’ Annex-16. Volume to the Convention on International Civil Aviation volume I aircraft noise. Third edition 1993.

Noise levels and their 90 per cent % confidence limits at the reference.
Noise measurement points on ground specified in compliance with the Annex-6 for the above aircraft at the maximum.

                                                                   General Inspection
                                                                   Air Transport Department
Date and place of issuance

Day------  Month-------- year--------

Mogadishu –Somalia.


Whereas the insured in the attached schedule has paid the Premium to the (Name) Dalmar insurance company. Dalmar hereby agrees to insurance against loss, damage or liability arising from an incident occurring during the period of insurance, to the extent and in the manner as specified hereafter subject to Dalmar aircraft insurance rule No:
Type: legal liability to third parties excluding passengers and cargo.
Insured: Air Somalia------ P.O. Box------ Mogadishu- Somalia
Period: from day------- Month------ year--------
Till day------ month --------year------ both included;
Sum Insured: Us Dollar per each accident;
Situation: worldwide commercial operations but excluding North and South America and Australia;
Premium: US Dollar. Payment before end of year schedule of aircraft;
Type: hull number date of built;
Maximum number of passengers at any one time.

Insure Signature                              Dalmar under write’e signature