Below there are almost eight sections, Annex, Conflict Transformaion
and the Preface of Mohamed Mohamud (Weli) of the
Somali Aviaton Resource Center
Section One:
Aircraft Operations Manual
Section Two:
Somali Flight pilot Training
Section Three:
Airport Maintenance Practice

Section Four:
Council to Contracting States on
Chargesfor Airport and Air Navigation
Section Five
Safety Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air
Section Six

Section Seven
Airport Services Manual

Section Eight
Airport Economics Manual
Basic Airport Security
Air Operator Certificate (AOC)
Aircraft Accident
Arab Air Carrier Organization
Annex 13 Pilot Training School
State of Design
State of The Operatpr
International Aeronautical, Maritime Search and Rescure (I.A.M.S.A.R)

Conflict Transformation